Yahoo blocks Yahoo Mail users

Yahoo’s portal is slipping down the slope evenly. Not only did it come to light that it allowed spying its users to government agencies, it now prevents sending their letters to other accounts. This feature has just been blocked.

Yahoo has more and more problems. Recently, the company admitted that at the time of the burglary several years ago, over half a billion mail users had been stolen. Now it came to light that the portal allowed government agencies to spy on their users using Yahoo Mail. The scandal has spread widely in the media, and Verizon finalizing its acquisition of Yahoo has decided to significantly reduce the value of its portals and intends to pay less than half the original price, which is still a good deal given its problems.

As if that was not enough, it turned out that the portal now blocks the ability to automatically send mail from Yahoo Mail to other accounts. The company has just disabled email forwarding to another account, which is available in virtually every email service.

Representatives of the portal claim that the exclusion of the said function is only temporary and has been introduced for the duration of its improvement. However, he ignores the question of the date of his reintegration.

Many people do not believe in providing portal leadership, and believe that Yahoo is trying to block the mass ejection of its users. This would be corroborated by reports from British Telecom customers whose mail service has been forwarded to Yahoo for management. It has been discovered that in this mail, automatic emailing has also been disabled, as well as the ability to delete the account.

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