Windows 8. 6 months after the premiere. How are new windows handled?

It has just been exactly half a year since the launch of Windows 8 for sale. New Microsoft windows do not do very well, though.

Windows 8 officially hit the market October 26, so half a year ago. Microsoft has taken water for several months and is silent about the results of the system’s sales. It is quite possible that the official data will come to us until June, when another conference in the Build series will take place. Keynotes on this event are always covered by sales results and other statistics. Probably this will also be the case … how much Microsoft will boast.

While the Redmond giant is silent, it’s time to sum up the first half year of the market presence. Unfortunately, it is not good.

The information disclosed by StatCounter shows that Windows 8 currently has a 4.69% share of the operating system market. This is worse than the one that can boast of Windows Vista (6.06%) and OS X family (7.11%). Of course, there is a “seventh” leader who can boast almost 54%. Windows XP in turn occupies 27.7% of all computer hardware (so on the margins, it is worth mentioning that currently about 45% of companies use this system. A lot when we consider the placement of this version of the window and the fact that in less than a year support ends.

So how exactly license Windows 8 so far sold? The latest information comes from January this year (when Tami Reller praised 60 million sold windows), so they are a bit outdated. However, given that there are around 2 billion computers in the world, and a share of Windows 8 is less than 5%, you can be tempted to say that Microsoft has so far failed to sell up to 100 million copies.

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