We will open the Tesla x box with a screwdriver

Tesla did not fully think about the concept of the emergency boot of the Model X. It turns out that anyone can do it and just use a simple screwdriver.

The car’s rack is generally a safer place to store items than a cabin. Firstly, because the things left are not in sight, and secondly the weapon access lock, instead of the glass that can be knocked out. In practice, however, this is different, and in the case of Tesla X, the trunk does not secure our property because its opening is banal.

The manufacturer of this vehicle, for safety reasons, hid the emergency boot system under the front bumper of the car. The theory was to facilitate its opening in case of an accident so that firefighters could easily get to the batteries to turn them off. In practice, however, helps thieves.

If the offender knows what he is doing, he can get to the trunk in less than a minute, and without the key and force. All you need is a screwdriver to pry the emergency shutter cover.

Tesla should therefore notify all owners of this vehicle so that they do not leave anything in the trunk of no value.

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