Washer Revolution is a new way of taking care of hygiene

In many countries, water is a scarce commodity, and even such a desirable activity as washing hands after using the toilet leads to excessive consumption. The inventor of Donal Vitez, however, has developed yet another version of the device designed for washing and drying hands, which consume very little water.

His previous project was called Robo-Washer and consisted of a tall wooden chest and a stainless steel bowl on top of it. The hands put on her were sprayed on all sides with soapy water under high pressure, and then the drying process began. The first model used only a mug of water for one use, which then flowed into the sewage.

The second generation of hardware is called Robo-Washer Revolution, which is much more advanced. This time the user’s hands are no longer sprayed with soap but with antibacterial water. After each use, the device is filtered and disinfected by the same water, which, after sterilization, is used to clean the palm of the next user.

Vitez claims that his equipment provides hygiene at the hospital level, while consuming very little water. The inventor also points out that the technology he develops can be used for many other tasks, such as showers, dishwashers,

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