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A new autonomous vehicle communication system

The Delphi American company is also working on autonomous vehicle technologies. Last year showed a prototype that traveled alone from San Francisco to New York, and now shows the next phase of this technology, the V2E (vehicle-to-everything) system, which enables vehicle communication with the environment. Autonomous vehicle functionality does not end with the recognition of […]

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We will open the Tesla x box with a screwdriver

Tesla did not fully think about the concept of the emergency boot of the Model X. It turns out that anyone can do it and just use a simple screwdriver. The car’s rack is generally a safer place to store items than a cabin. Firstly, because the things left are not in sight, and secondly […]

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Autonomous car drove all over Mexico

Builders of stand-alone vehicles show us the possibilities of these vehicles during a long journey. This time the functionality of cars controlled by computer was presented by German scientists from AutoNOMOS project, whose car has recently traveled throughout Mexico. AutoNOMOS is a joint project implemented by German scientists from Freie Universit├Ąt and engineers from the […]

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