Microsoft creates a friendly office space

Microsoft in promoting Surface products has also decided to create a new family of furniture that will create a friendly office space. Steelcase was invited to co-operate on this project.

The Redmond company has been offering products from the Surface family for several years, promoting them as the perfect tool for office work. The device actually does its job, so now Microsoft wants to work on the working environment. Together with Steelcase, he created a project called Creative Spaces, which aims to develop special furniture that creates a friendly and inspirational working environment.

The key to the success of Creative Spaces is the ability to change functionality. The point is that office space created for one person can easily be transformed into a workplace for many people.

An example of such a concept is Focus Studio, which is an individual space that allows you to focus on your task, but it can also be used by two employees.

Duo Studio, in turn, is a work space for couples who can work together to do their work together and, where appropriate, rest in a specially designed place.

The third concept is Ideation Hub, a place intended to come up with and refine new ideas. That’s not all, as it has also created the Maker Commons and Respite Room spaces, also designed for specific tasks.…

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Yahoo blocks Yahoo Mail users

Yahoo’s portal is slipping down the slope evenly. Not only did it come to light that it allowed spying its users to government agencies, it now prevents sending their letters to other accounts. This feature has just been blocked.

Yahoo has more and more problems. Recently, the company admitted that at the time of the burglary several years ago, over half a billion mail users had been stolen. Now it came to light that the portal allowed government agencies to spy on their users using Yahoo Mail. The scandal has spread widely in the media, and Verizon finalizing its acquisition of Yahoo has decided to significantly reduce the value of its portals and intends to pay less than half the original price, which is still a good deal given its problems.

As if that was not enough, it turned out that the portal now blocks the ability to automatically send mail from Yahoo Mail to other accounts. The company has just disabled email forwarding to another account, which is available in virtually every email service.

Representatives of the portal claim that the exclusion of the said function is only temporary and has been introduced for the duration of its improvement. However, he ignores the question of the date of his reintegration.

Many people do not believe in providing portal leadership, and believe that Yahoo is trying to block the mass ejection of its users. This would be corroborated by reports from British Telecom customers whose mail service has been forwarded to Yahoo for management. It has been discovered that in this mail, automatic emailing has also been disabled, as well as the ability to delete the account.…

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We will open the Tesla x box with a screwdriver

Tesla did not fully think about the concept of the emergency boot of the Model X. It turns out that anyone can do it and just use a simple screwdriver.

The car’s rack is generally a safer place to store items than a cabin. Firstly, because the things left are not in sight, and secondly the weapon access lock, instead of the glass that can be knocked out. In practice, however, this is different, and in the case of Tesla X, the trunk does not secure our property because its opening is banal.

The manufacturer of this vehicle, for safety reasons, hid the emergency boot system under the front bumper of the car. The theory was to facilitate its opening in case of an accident so that firefighters could easily get to the batteries to turn them off. In practice, however, helps thieves.

If the offender knows what he is doing, he can get to the trunk in less than a minute, and without the key and force. All you need is a screwdriver to pry the emergency shutter cover.

Tesla should therefore notify all owners of this vehicle so that they do not leave anything in the trunk of no value.…

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Autonomous car drove all over Mexico

Builders of stand-alone vehicles show us the possibilities of these vehicles during a long journey. This time the functionality of cars controlled by computer was presented by German scientists from AutoNOMOS project, whose car has recently traveled throughout Mexico.

AutoNOMOS is a joint project implemented by German scientists from Freie Universit├Ąt and engineers from the University of Nevada in Reno. The vehicle has been approved for use in Berlin as early as in 2011 and since then has ridden mostly in the streets of this city.

Recently, however, the designers decided to check it on other routes, so they conducted several tests in Switzerland and recently also traveled to the United States and Mexico. There were over 6000 km in total, which allowed us to collect a lot of valuable data, allowing us to create more detailed maps for the navigation system used by the vehicle.

It also managed to cross Mexico all over 2,400 km alone in autonomous mode. Of course, there was a driver in the vehicle, but only to take control of the vehicle if needed. Test participants say that it went through without problems and the car smoothly passed other vehicles at 130 km / h. The vehicle also informed its passengers of the impending roadblocks in the form of traffic jams and road works.

AutoNOMOS is based on the VW Passat combo model and features seven laser scanners, nine video cameras, as well as front, rear and side radar as well as GPS. All these systems are used to collect data about the surroundings of the car, monitor the position of nearby vehicles and pedestrians, as well as traffic signals. All of this data then flows to the computer that uses it to drive.…

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Synaptics has created a new biometric sensor

Most biometric sensors installed in smartphones as squid printers are large in size and round shape. They take up a lot of space, but that will soon change, because Synaptics has developed a completely new sensor that is only 3.5 mm wide.

More and more new smartphone models are equipped with fingerprint readers that protect your device from unauthorized access. These sensors, however, are quite large, so mobile designers have to figure out how to integrate them into the casing so they do not interfere with the design.

Most often installed on the Home button or on the rear panel of the housing, but soon such a reader will be found on the edge of the housing, for example.

Specialists from Synaptics have developed a completely new biometric sensor, whose width is only 3.5 mm. It is so small that theoretically it can be integrated with volume buttons or sleep / wake up equipment.

The company also ensures that it has improved the security algorithms. Thanks to these changes, the device will be able to determine if the reader actually touches the user’s finger, or whether it is merely a fingerprint removed from a flat surface by means of which such systems can easily be deceived. This is possible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 sensor, which was manufactured by Synaptics and experts have proven that it can be bypassed.…

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Google will help you find the nearest toilet

India is a country where finding a toilet can pose serious difficulties, given the fact that there are no 70 percent of them. Households. Google is working with its local government on a toilet search tool.

In Europe, sewer problems have been solved many years ago, and almost every household now has its own toilet. The situation is quite different in developing countries, where luxury is still unattainable for many people.

This is so in India, where still about 70 percent. The household does not have its own toilet. The Department of Urban Development, in cooperation with the Google Group, is working on a toilet search engine. A special feature is created for Google Maps, which allows you to search for the nearest toilets in hotels, restaurants or other public buildings when you enter the appropriate word for the toilet.

In addition to finding a toilet, the application will also provide information on its current state, provided by other users. So if the toilet is closed or cleanliness is not its most powerful, users will be able to judge the place and write their own opinion.…

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