Microsoft creates a friendly office space

Microsoft in promoting Surface products has also decided to create a new family of furniture that will create a friendly office space. Steelcase was invited to co-operate on this project.

The Redmond company has been offering products from the Surface family for several years, promoting them as the perfect tool …

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Yahoo blocks Yahoo Mail users

Yahoo’s portal is slipping down the slope evenly. Not only did it come to light that it allowed spying its users to government agencies, it now prevents sending their letters to other accounts. This feature has just been blocked.

Yahoo has more and more problems. Recently, the company admitted …

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Autonomous car drove all over Mexico

Builders of stand-alone vehicles show us the possibilities of these vehicles during a long journey. This time the functionality of cars controlled by computer was presented by German scientists from AutoNOMOS project, whose car has recently traveled throughout Mexico.

AutoNOMOS is a joint project implemented by German scientists from Freie …

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Google will help you find the nearest toilet

India is a country where finding a toilet can pose serious difficulties, given the fact that there are no 70 percent of them. Households. Google is working with its local government on a toilet search tool.

In Europe, sewer problems have been solved many years ago, and almost every household …

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