New record speed data transfer

The Internet offers us more and more opportunities that require faster connections. Those that we have now are still sufficient, but when 4K hybrid hybrid technology becomes available, they will become too slow, so researchers are working on even faster connections. And they just managed to break another record speed of data transfer.

The joint efforts of scientists from Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Central Florida have allowed a new record of 1 km of optical fiber. They managed to achieve a transfer rate of 255 terabits per second, equivalent to 32 terabytes per second.

You probably can not imagine such speed. It is enough to send 1 TB of data in 31 milliseconds. In other words, you can upload over 200 Blu-ray movies in a second.

So far, the highest single-fiber optical data transfer rate used in commercial operations was only 100 Gbps, which is about 2550 times slower.

Of course, single fiber does not mean one thin Italian fiber. The researchers used a multi-core fiber, ie one that consists of seven individual hexagon cores.

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