Microsoft creates a friendly office space

Microsoft in promoting Surface products has also decided to create a new family of furniture that will create a friendly office space. Steelcase was invited to co-operate on this project.

The Redmond company has been offering products from the Surface family for several years, promoting them as the perfect tool for office work. The device actually does its job, so now Microsoft wants to work on the working environment. Together with Steelcase, he created a project called Creative Spaces, which aims to develop special furniture that creates a friendly and inspirational working environment.

The key to the success of Creative Spaces is the ability to change functionality. The point is that office space created for one person can easily be transformed into a workplace for many people.

An example of such a concept is Focus Studio, which is an individual space that allows you to focus on your task, but it can also be used by two employees.

Duo Studio, in turn, is a work space for couples who can work together to do their work together and, where appropriate, rest in a specially designed place.

The third concept is Ideation Hub, a place intended to come up with and refine new ideas. That’s not all, as it has also created the Maker Commons and Respite Room spaces, also designed for specific tasks.

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