Google will help you find the nearest toilet

India is a country where finding a toilet can pose serious difficulties, given the fact that there are no 70 percent of them. Households. Google is working with its local government on a toilet search tool.

In Europe, sewer problems have been solved many years ago, and almost every household now has its own toilet. The situation is quite different in developing countries, where luxury is still unattainable for many people.

This is so in India, where still about 70 percent. The household does not have its own toilet. The Department of Urban Development, in cooperation with the Google Group, is working on a toilet search engine. A special feature is created for Google Maps, which allows you to search for the nearest toilets in hotels, restaurants or other public buildings when you enter the appropriate word for the toilet.

In addition to finding a toilet, the application will also provide information on its current state, provided by other users. So if the toilet is closed or cleanliness is not its most powerful, users will be able to judge the place and write their own opinion.

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