Google streamlines voice searches

Most of us, seeking information through Google search, do it in the traditional way, using the keyboard. You can also use voice commands, and that’s exactly what Google has done very well lately, speeding up performance and correcting commands.

The voice search system works a little differently than Siri. For better functioning, it analyzes in real time every word spoken by the user, writing them on the screen. This allows you to see if it is well understood and you can make some further changes.

Google also claims that the voice search feature can remove the background noises captured by the microphone so that it does not interfere with the reception of commands spoken by the user. This provides a better model of acoustic neural network using temporal linkage classification and discriminative sequencing techniques.

It sounds pretty complicated, but it is important that, thanks to applied solutions, the function works much better. And for more details about the changes you’ve made, you’ll find it on Google.

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