Artificial leather with real hair

Artificial leather covering all kinds of prostheses, until now, looked unnatural. But Japanese scientists have managed to create a skin prototype that looks almost as real as the real one. Not only does it grow on her hair, but she can sweat as well as human.

The development of bioproteins and robots has made it necessary to start working on more realistic artificial skin to cover the prosthetics and mechanical limbs of humanoid robots that will inevitably appear in the future.

So far used artificial leather is made of a suitably-colored latex so it does not look too natural. But Japanese researchers have managed to create a completely new type of cultured skin, which not only grows Italian but also can sweat. Scientists have used the cells extracted from the gums of the mice for this purpose and then converted them into stem cells.

Then they implanted it to mice without the immune system. As a result of these experiments, we managed to get a fully functional connection with natural tissue, thanks to which cultured skin, not only follicles, but also sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

Naturally developed by technicians is still far from practical applications. Specialists suggest that for clinical trials done on humans, we will have to wait for at least 10 years.

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