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Toshiba presented a television that you will take with you to the parcel

The family of REGZA Toshiba televisions has expanded its 19-inch 19P2 model. The LCD TV has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, LED backlit matrix and 1000: 1 contrast ratio. In addition, the device is equipped with a digital DVBT tuner, one HDMI port and one D4 plug (Japanese standard).

The specifications certainly do not impress, and the TV would be hard to say something interesting, if not for the fact that it was built into … replaceable battery. As the manufacturer assures, a small Regza can work on such power for about 5 hours. And since the batteries are removable, you can buy a few “in stock” – the price of one is less than $ 90.…

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The next smartphone makers are announcing their own chips

It looks like the future of Qualcomma and MediaTek, as the largest mobile processor vendors, is getting darker. The number of customers is rapidly shrinking as more and more companies start designing their own systems.

The processor market for smartphones is very large and therefore extremely lucrative. There are several hundred million smartphones in the world, and most of them have processors mainly from MediaTek and Qualcomma. Soon, however, both companies will have to count on significant profit reductions as more manufacturers are planning to produce their own processors.

As the first to go in this direction Samsung with Exynos family of processors, and then the same did Huawei, designing a Kirin. This approach has several advantages, as the smartphone manufacturer then has better control over the device’s performance and can better match the processor to the other components.

Soon, the number of companies that will produce their own CPUs will soon increase, as such plans have just announced new companies. One of them is ZTE, which has just received $ 73.8 million in a Chinese investment fund to accelerate the development of a new processor. Huawei also intends to increase production of its chips by resigning from MediaTek and Qualcomm.

Xiaomi has partnered with Leadcore Technology to jointly develop a new processor for its products, which will be available next year.

If smartphone manufacturers start designing their own chips, then customers will get better and more efficient devices, and that’s good news.…

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10 useful google search engine features you may not know about

Google’s search engine has revolutionized the internet and remains today the leader in its category. But beyond the search alone, there are some very useful features you may not have known.

There is nothing to cheat that “Google Uncle” counts on us to use his services as often as possible, so he cares to meet our needs even before we even think of ourselves.

Therefore, you probably already know some of these features, and you have found them without seeking a solution to the specific problem or information you need. Maybe you can find in this list built into the search engine tools, which you did not realize exist?

Currency converter

Thanks to the internet, much more stuff and services are bought abroad. With fast-paced courses, this quick information is very important. Better yet, when we can immediately see how much it will cost us a specific purchase in dollars, euros or pounds.

There is nothing simpler to find with Google, even if you know the international currency abbreviations.

Unit converter

Some problems may also be caused by differences in units of measure, weight or speed. Mile for miles? Pounds per kilogram? No problem.


The weather is good for us, even if the verifiability of their forecasts is different, it is always worth checking before leaving home, whether the situation we see outside the window will not change in the near hours. Or maybe you just want to see how the situation looks in another part of the world?

East and sunset

In winter you are wondering which time will finally be bright, and in the summer or if you can still shoot without a flashlight? Enter east or sunset …

Local time

Time zones in specific locations do not always coincide with the geographical location, including summer time, from which some countries have already resigned – we are not always sure which time is the person we are calling to travel to. , Or where there is an event that the broadcast we want to watch online. But with Google this is no problem.


It is easy to find dictionaries in the Internet. The built-in Google search engine allows for quick translation of words and phrases without having to go to other web pages. Languages ​​from Afrikaans in Zulu with the option of translating speech (words spoken into the microphone) and listening to the translated text.


Times of glory the physical calculators have already gone: This is one of the default programs on most fixed or mobile systems. If, however, we need to calculate something quickly while browsing the web, such a function can satisfy the search engine window. Once you’ve entered an action, we’ll see the result on your default Google calculator.

Function graphs

We already know that the search engine will perform even the most complex mathematical operations. What if we would like to see a visual presentation of the equation? It’s also no problem.


Time for something more “alive”: you knew …

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Microsoft creates a friendly office space

Microsoft in promoting Surface products has also decided to create a new family of furniture that will create a friendly office space. Steelcase was invited to co-operate on this project.

The Redmond company has been offering products from the Surface family for several years, promoting them as the perfect tool for office work. The device actually does its job, so now Microsoft wants to work on the working environment. Together with Steelcase, he created a project called Creative Spaces, which aims to develop special furniture that creates a friendly and inspirational working environment.

The key to the success of Creative Spaces is the ability to change functionality. The point is that office space created for one person can easily be transformed into a workplace for many people.

An example of such a concept is Focus Studio, which is an individual space that allows you to focus on your task, but it can also be used by two employees.

Duo Studio, in turn, is a work space for couples who can work together to do their work together and, where appropriate, rest in a specially designed place.

The third concept is Ideation Hub, a place intended to come up with and refine new ideas. That’s not all, as it has also created the Maker Commons and Respite Room spaces, also designed for specific tasks.…

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Yahoo blocks Yahoo Mail users

Yahoo’s portal is slipping down the slope evenly. Not only did it come to light that it allowed spying its users to government agencies, it now prevents sending their letters to other accounts. This feature has just been blocked.

Yahoo has more and more problems. Recently, the company admitted that at the time of the burglary several years ago, over half a billion mail users had been stolen. Now it came to light that the portal allowed government agencies to spy on their users using Yahoo Mail. The scandal has spread widely in the media, and Verizon finalizing its acquisition of Yahoo has decided to significantly reduce the value of its portals and intends to pay less than half the original price, which is still a good deal given its problems.

As if that was not enough, it turned out that the portal now blocks the ability to automatically send mail from Yahoo Mail to other accounts. The company has just disabled email forwarding to another account, which is available in virtually every email service.

Representatives of the portal claim that the exclusion of the said function is only temporary and has been introduced for the duration of its improvement. However, he ignores the question of the date of his reintegration.

Many people do not believe in providing portal leadership, and believe that Yahoo is trying to block the mass ejection of its users. This would be corroborated by reports from British Telecom customers whose mail service has been forwarded to Yahoo for management. It has been discovered that in this mail, automatic emailing has also been disabled, as well as the ability to delete the account.…

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