Drones change our lives. Or better?

Is it a bird? Or maybe the plane? No, it is an unmanned aircraft, piloted remotely or autonomously, known as a dron.

Drones are everywhere and they can do everything – they save lives, they deliver pizza. There are more and more people around us, but with the increasing popularity …

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Google streamlines voice searches

Most of us, seeking information through Google search, do it in the traditional way, using the keyboard. You can also use voice commands, and that’s exactly what Google has done very well lately, speeding up performance and correcting commands.

The voice search system works a little differently than Siri. For …

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A new autonomous vehicle communication system

The Delphi American company is also working on autonomous vehicle technologies. Last year showed a prototype that traveled alone from San Francisco to New York, and now shows the next phase of this technology, the V2E (vehicle-to-everything) system, which enables vehicle communication with the environment.

Autonomous vehicle functionality does not …

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Artificial leather with real hair

Artificial leather covering all kinds of prostheses, until now, looked unnatural. But Japanese scientists have managed to create a skin prototype that looks almost as real as the real one. Not only does it grow on her hair, but she can sweat as well as human.

The development of bioproteins …

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New record speed data transfer

The Internet offers us more and more opportunities that require faster connections. Those that we have now are still sufficient, but when 4K hybrid hybrid technology becomes available, they will become too slow, so researchers are working on even faster connections. And they just managed to break another record speed …

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